Exchange students

Exchange students are welcome in Annecy or Chambery.

Presentation of Université Savoie Mont Blanc:

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Our school
IAE Savoie Mont Blanc (University Institute of Business Administration) is one of the 7 faculties and Institutes of Université Savoie Mont Blanc.

It has 2000 students over the two campuses of Chambery (Jacob-Bellecombette), and Annecy (Annecy-le-Vieux), which are located respectively in the departments of Savoie (French zip code 73) and Haute-Savoie (French zip code 74) inImage1 the “Savoie Mont Blanc” region.

IAE Savoie Mont Blanc includes:

  • A research laboratory in management, economics (IREGE);
  • Several departments delivering Bachelor’s (Licence) and Master’s degrees:
    Commerce and Trade (campus Annecy)
    Technology and Management (campus Annecy)
    Communication and Hypermedia (campus Annecy)
    Economics and Finance (campus Annecy)
    International Management and Logistics (campus Chambéry)
    CITHEME : Centre International Tourisme, Hôtellerie, Et Management des Evénements (International Center of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management) (campus Chambéry)
    A Corporate Club (Le Club des Entreprises) which fosters the links between the academic world and businesses, develops networks in the industry for students and academics, and offers support to the main economic actors of its region (companies, regional & local governments, associations…)
    An international network of more than 108 partner universities, originally developed thanks to its location at the crossroads between France, Italy and Switzerland.
    Please bear in mind that we are located in two cities, 50 km apart. So you cannot choose some courses in Annecy and others in Chambery.

Fields of study

From Fall 2016, an English taught programme in Management – International semester – is dedicated to both incoming and regular students from Annecy and Chambery. More information.
Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure / International Management
Course lists, syllabi, relevant information: here

Commerce and sales / Economics and finance / Information and Communication / Technology and management
Course lists, syllabi, relevant information: here

Teaching language
Most of courses are delivered in French, except

in Annecy : International semester in management and IT. See Annecy page
in Chambery: Tourism, hospitaly provide some courses in English. See Chambéry page
Incoming students who want to study in Annecy or Chambery through an exchange programme should apply through Moveonline: French version / English version

for fall semester: in March and April
for spring semester: between October and mid-November.
Please note that you are asked to send your learning agreement by email at the same time you apply through Moveonline

Fact sheet 2016-2017 Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure
Fact sheet 2016-2017 International Management
Fact sheet 2016-2017 Commerce and Sales
Fact sheet 2016-2017 Technology and Management
Fact sheet 2016-2017 Economics and Finance
Through Moveonline, students can apply for accommodation too.

Non EU students have to apply through Campusfrance in order to have their visas.

Telephoning from France: important information

American and other international (as against European) students should be advised they will generally need to make special arrangements with their cellphone providers to be able to make or receive calls once they arrive in France.

In many cases it is necessary take out a temporary supplementary contract (involving extra cost), download a special application,or possibly purchase a separate SIM card.

As students very often want to phone home as soon as they arrive in France, or receive incoming calls, we strongly recommend they contact their providers BEFORE they leave their home country, to make the necessary arrangements.

Thank you in advance for heeding this advice.